All Yuumi reworked abilities

The information in this post has been updated for 2024.

From her release in 2019, Yuumi has caused a lot of controversy in the League of Legends community, as well as being a tough champion for Riot Games’ developers to balance.

Yuumi’s power comes from her ability to heal her teammates continuously, dish out significant poke damage, and control team fights with her powerful ultimate ability. When attached to an ally, she becomes untargetable, making her a valuable choice for both professional and solo queue players. She can keep a hypercarry’s health topped up while also boosting their speed in a skirmish.

Due to her strength, Yuumi has gained a reputation for being one of the most frequently banned champions in recent history. However, Riot is shaking things up by giving her a fresh set of abilities while still maintaining her identity as a support perched on a player’s shoulder.

Yuumi’s reworked abilities, which will be available on live servers for Patch 13.5 on March 8th, are as follows:

Passive: Feline Friendship

Yuumi can heal herself and charge a heal for her teammates by hitting champions with attacks or spells. If she attaches to an ally within four seconds, she can heal her ally for the same amount. When attached, Yuumi develops a Friendship with that specific champion, which increases when they kill enemies or minions. Each ally has a unique Friendship count, and the ally with the highest Friendship count becomes Yuumi’s Best Friend. Her abilities are enhanced while attached to her Best Friend.

Q: Prowling Projectile

Yuumi launches a missile that slows the first enemy it hits. If cast while attached to an ally, Yuumi can control the missile for a brief period before it becomes empowered, increasing its speed and slow effects on enemies. If attached to her Best Friend, the slow will remain empowered, and hitting enemy champions will grant on-hit damage to her ally for five seconds. The amount of damage is increased based on her Best Friend’s critical strike chance, up to 75%.

W: You and Me!

When attached to her Best Friend, Yuumi gains an additional 10% to 20% healing and shielding power based on her teammate’s level. Her ally also regains health on-hit. When not attached to a teammate, You and Me causes Yuumi to dash to an ally and become untargetable while attaching to them.

E: Zoomies

Yuumi can shield herself, blocking damage and gaining attack speed for three seconds. While the shield is active, the target gains 20% movement speed. If she’s attached to an ally, this ability will affect the teammate instead of Yuumi, while also giving them 20 mana. The amount of mana is increased based on the target’s missing mana, up to 100%.

R: Final Chapter

Yuumi channels five magical waves for 3.5 seconds that affect both allies and enemies. She can steer the waves of the ultimate ability with the mouse. Enemies take magic damage and are slowed for 10% for 1.25 seconds, which increases by 10% per hit. Allies are healed per wave, and any excess healing is converted to a shield. Yuumi’s Best Friend receives increased healing and is also granted bonus armor and magic resist. If You and Me is cast during Final Chapter, the ultimate’s waves will be locked in place.

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