Overwatch: Should Mercy’s Damage Boost Be Shown as Damage Dealt?

In the world of Overwatch, support heroes play a crucial role in ensuring their team’s success. Among them, Mercy stands out as a versatile healer who can also amplify her teammates’ damage output. However, a long-standing debate within the community questions whether Mercy’s damage boost should be reflected as damage dealt when pressing the tab key to view the scoreboard. As a Mercy main myself, I believe this change could provide a more accurate representation of her impact on the game.

Currently, when a player presses tab to view the scoreboard, Mercy’s contribution to her team’s damage is not directly visible. While she receives assists for boosted kills, the actual damage amplified remains hidden. This can lead to an underappreciation of Mercy’s role, as her efforts in enabling her teammates to secure eliminations and win fights go unnoticed.

Implementing a separate stat for “Damage Amplified” could be a solution to this issue. This new category would not only showcase Mercy’s damage boost but also include other abilities that enhance ally damage, such as Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix, Kiriko’s Kitsune Rush, and Ana’s Nano Boost. By having a dedicated section for amplified damage, players could better understand the impact of these support abilities on the game’s outcome.

Some may argue that displaying Mercy’s damage boost as damage dealt would inflate her stats and give her undue credit for the eliminations secured by her boosted teammates. However, it is essential to recognize that Mercy’s contribution goes beyond simply holding down the damage boost button. A skilled Mercy player must constantly make decisions about when to heal, when to boost, and which teammate to prioritize. These choices directly influence the flow of the game and can be the difference between victory and defeat.

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Furthermore, displaying damage amplified as a separate stat would not diminish the achievements of the boosted heroes. Their raw damage output and eliminations would still be visible on the scoreboard, allowing them to showcase their individual skill. The addition of the amplified damage category would simply provide a more comprehensive view of the team’s performance, acknowledging the synergy between support and damage dealers.

It is worth noting that implementing this change would require careful consideration from the developers. The scoreboard would need to be redesigned to accommodate the new stat without cluttering the interface or compromising readability. Additionally, the developers would need to ensure that the damage amplified values are accurately tracked and displayed for each relevant hero.

To sum it up, as a Mercy main, I believe that displaying her damage boost as damage dealt on the scoreboard would be a positive change for Overwatch. It would provide a more accurate representation of her impact on the game and encourage players to appreciate the crucial role of support heroes. By introducing a separate “Damage Amplified” stat, the game could better showcase the teamwork and synergy that make Overwatch such a compelling experience. While this change may seem small, it could go a long way in fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the unsung heroes of the battlefield.

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