Remake in League of Legends should be automatic, not a vote.

As we all know League of Legends is a 5 vs 5 game and when you play solo queue alone there’s always a risk that one of the players can’t connect or just leave the game without the game even started, playing a game without a player it’s always a disadvantage for you and your team, you can still win the game with only 4 players, but the difficulty of the game will be 3 times higher.

To avoid that Riot created the remake vote, the remake vote works in a way that if a player doesn’t connect in the first 3 minutes of the game the team can call a remake vote where all the players have to accept the vote or the game will still keep going.

Defeat picture

This option is not really fair for the team without a player, because if one of the players just decide to click no and decline the remake vote, you will have to play a game with 4 vs 5 which can lead you to a loose and losing LP without you having any fault on that and just because of a negative vote you can waste your time, lose LP and lose a game instead of just remake the game and queue up for a new one without losing nothing.

The remake vote would be much more efficient to everyone if it wasn’t optional, Riot should take into consideration that when you play League no one wants to do a ranked game without a player on their team, to avoid all these problems to a lot of players or basically to all players, Riot could simply make an automatic remake, whenever the clock hits the 3rd minute if a team is without a player the game is a remake and the only person losing is the player that didn’t connect in time.

We also saw situations where a player is just constantly having internet problems and at the start of the game he is connecting and disconnecting all the time, when this happens, you’re not able to remake the game which can be a problem for you and your team, Riot should also take these cases in consideration because the goal of League of Legends is to always have a 5 vs 5 game not a 3 or 4 vs 5.

For all these reasons mention above I think we all would prefer if the remake vote could be updated and changed instead of the one, we have now, the remake vote was a good idea by Riot and can absolutely work but needs to be fixed and changed from the one we have now

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