What is better? Duo boost or Solo Boost?

This is a particular question for those who buy boosting services often and people who want to buy elo boost, the same question always comes, what is better? What should I get? The answer is easy, first, we need to know that both options are safe, so you will not lose anything if you give your account credentials to a nameable website, and you will not lose anything if you play with a booster, which is in fact just duoing, the booster will be using another account, helping you to carry the game.

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With that set, we need to know that the main difference between them is time. Duo queue usually takes longer, due to schedules usually and because boosters can’t play with other boosters. Yes, in Solo division options boosters usually duo with other boosters to finish games quickly and then go to other game and then keep winning and so on, in duo boost, even when we know you are better than the players in your elo, the difference is still there, there is a difference between a gold or platinum player from a Master player, there are a lot of things to learn about. And duo queue, is perfect for that, to learn, but requires time, time some people don’t have. In the other hand, solo division is better if you don’t have too much time to play, because you just give your account credentials and then the booster will do the job much faster; knowledge can be gotten from this however, but is not the same than playing with a booster.

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So, the question is still there, what is better? And the answer is: it depends on your needs and requests. If you have time, then, Duo queue is for you, also if you want to learn faster, if you don’t have that much time or just want the order to be done as soon as possible, then Solo is the option you should choose, because boosters will just duo with other boosters and finish it in no time, making the job much easier and clean. Also remember, accounts being boosted in Solo division by prestige websites are always safe, because boosters use VPN and offline mode to keep your privacy.

Now you know what option you should choose in case you can’t take a decision, either way, you will not regret it!

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