Abilities of K’sante, League’s newest champion

League of Legends’ newest champion, K’sante, has just been introduced. His style of play should encourage players to pursue one-on-one matchups in lane, while also making him an unavoidable presence in late-game teamfights.

K’sante’s talents make him a versatile tank/skirmisher who excels in the top lane. In duels and teamfights, K’sante can take a lot of harm, and he can also deal it with his tonfas.

K’sante is a formidable frontline who may be an asset to any squad. Take a quick tour of K’sante’s nifty tricks and handy tooltips right here!

Passive: Dauntless Instinct

Those who are damaged by K’sante’s attacks are marked for a limited time. When you use an attack on an enemy who has been marked, you’ll use up the mark and deal extra physical damage equal to your opponent’s maximum health.

Instead of dealing pure magical damage, attacks on marked foes deliver physical damage equal to the attacker’s maximum health plus an additional amount of true damage.

Q: Ntofo Strikes

K’Sante slams his weapon, causing physical damage to a radius around him and temporarily delaying those affected. As long as an adversary is damaged, K’Sante will gain a stack. Once K’Sante reaches two stacks, he instead sends forth a shockwave that drags his foes toward him.

You’ve gone all out, therefore the cooldown on this ability has been shortened, and it no longer causes the target to slow.

W: Path Maker

K’Sante lifts his weapons in a defensive stance while charging, making himself invincible for a brief period of time and absorbing less damage. When he lets go, K’Sante charges forward at his adversaries, knocking them back and stunning them for a brief period of time (the length of time depends on the charge time) and doing physical damage equal to a percentage of their maximum health.

All Out: Resets the cooldown, increases the damage mitigation, adds charge-dependent physical damage, and increases the charge and dash speed by 100%.

E: Footwork

K’Sante makes a quick sprint and gains temporary protection. When you use the dash ability to reach a friend or ally, you may put some serious space between yourself and the enemy and protect yourself while you’re at it. Using this power doesn’t prevent you from using any other spells.

Maximum effort boosts the dash speed of this skill. Targeted dashes have a greater range and can go through barriers.

R: All Out

K’Sante does physical damage and knocks back an opponent champion when he shatters his tonfas. When an enemy collides with a wall, they incur increased physical damage, are thrown over the wall, and are temporarily stunned. K’Sante then makes a break for it and goes “All Out” for a long time in pursuit of the adversary.

K’sante’s maximum health, bonus armor, and bonus magic resistance are all reduced once she goes “all out.” K’Sante improves his assault power, becomes omnipotent, and reshapes his skills.

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