Yuumi nerfs in patch 13.1B

The recent update 13.1B brought severe reductions to the abilities of a widely despised character in the popular online game League of Legends. The community is even beginning to feel sympathy for the annoying creature.

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League of Legends is a constantly evolving game, introducing new characters, skins, and adjustments to keep the game fresh for its dedicated players. One such character that has undergone many changes recently is Yuumi.

Yuumi is one of the most reviled characters in the game. As a supportive enchanter, she is able to connect to other characters and become invulnerable while enhancing the abilities of the character she is attached to. This ability to evade attack frustrates players, and her ease of use adds fuel to the fire.

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The developers of the game, Riot, plan to revamp the character in the near future, but in the meantime, they are cutting back on her power. In fact, they have nerfed her so heavily in patch 13.1B that players are starting to feel bad for her.

Riot issued several reductions to the character’s base stats and abilities, stating, “With her current presence and upcoming ADC changes, we’re going to be taking the last nerfs a bit further as we continue to rework her.”

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These nerfs were substantial, and players took notice.

With Yuumi already having a 46.2% win rate in solo queue according to OP.GG, players were surprised at the extent of the nerfs. Some players predicted that her win rate may hit an all-time low.

However, there were also players who expressed their dislike for the character and were pleased to see her weakened. Some even made sarcastic comments about the “legitimate” Yuumi accounts they had encountered.

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These nerfs raise doubts about whether we’ll see the magical cat near the top of the meta anytime soon. However, with a rework in the works, Riot should be able to revitalize the support character in a healthier way.

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