End of Season 11 League of Legends

Whenever a new season starts on League of Legends, it’s a new fresh start for every player to try their luck and start climbing the ladder to get a higher rank than they had last season.

Before a new season starts there’s always a small pre-season so players can get used to the new changes and updates for the following season and take some time off to play some normal games with friends and learn how the new season will work.

League of Legends season 11 started on January 8 and the changes were massive, every player found a new type of items that changed the game and the meta, a new item shop, and a massive Jungle rework.

When the season comes to the end, all players are rewarded depending on their final rank, if you get Gold or higher you will receive a Victorious Skin for a champion chosen by Riot, and depending on the rank you end you will receive also a screen border that you can use on your profile to show your last season rank to everyone.

The main question that all players have when the season is close to the ending is, WHEN IT WILL END?

League of Legends season 11 will end in November 2021, even though there’s not yet a specific day, from all the past season’s end dates we can make a conclusion that Season 11 should end between November 8 and 11.

Riot will give a more specific date and which rewards each player will receive when the season comes closer to the end.

If you want to receive all the rewards given by Riot at the end of the season and get a higher rank as you can, the fastest and safest way to do it before the season ends is to get a League of Legends elo boost, a booster will play on your account and rank it up so you can be assure to receive all the rewards, and get your desired rank before season ends, because the close we get from season-ending, harder will be to win games and climb the ladder.

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