Fix your mental with Elo Boosting

We all have those moments when we have a mental breakdown, it is usually made by our bad games with our special teammates, who directly contributes to the loss, and, of course, to our mental disgrace. Of course, we can try to win every game, doing our best, playing the most broken champs, etc., but does this really help to avoid our perma-tilt? Probably no.

Avoid defeats with elo boost
The classic defeat sign we see because of our teammates

This often happens, someone running down, someone is trolling, someone just asked for mid, didn’t get it and took Yasuo support without flash. Yes, those stuffs happens, and most of them don’t really care about ruining others MMR, they just care about “being better” than others, and well, they totally get it, they are much better than others ruining games.

This is not avoidable in almost any situation, at least, the Disco Nunu or Yasuo 0/18/0 part, however, it is fixable, and it is actually simple and easy; we just need to play with a high elo player, because, of course, if you are good enough, you can win more games, but some games are just winnable if you are playing with someone as good as you, or someone with years of experience, a high elo player, a booster.

Play with a booster and win more games!

So, how would this work? First, we need to know where we can get elo boost, we need, of course, to look for the best websites, those who have affordability, prestige, and preferably, years of experience. We need to take a look for nameable websites.

There are many features we can also purchase, for example specific champs if we don’t want to play in the account, and just watch the booster play, that’s fine. But if we don’t wish to give our account credentials, there are options for that too; we’ll just need to purchase a duo boost, which in fact means that the booster will play with us. Helping us carrying the games and giving us advices if we ask for them, always, of course, guaranteeing high win rates.

If we are tired of playing with bad teammates, then this is a totally valid solution for it, playing with a partner who understands the game and knows how to play, win and even, have fun, can help us to achieve the rank we desire and give us a mental rest of those Yasuo’s 0/18/0. If we are afraid we’ll just need to check the ToS of the website we are about to buy from, they will tell us how are their politics and how they will answer to our wishes and issues, in case there are issues, or if we want the money back, or if we want changes in the order. Don’t be afraid, give it a try and stop getting mad for those players who will demote in a few days.

Boosters will help you to achieve the top
We all deserve a hand sometimes

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