League of Legends Ranked system

Some games are good being competitive, League of Legends is one of them, the Summoner Rift is a place where you can find fun, you can find nightmare, or you can find worthy opponents, specially in ranked, but how does this ranked works?

The system is simple, it is divided in 9 leagues, the first 6 of them have 4 divisions each, being IV the lower and I the higher, then it would be this way:

  • Iron IV, Iron III, Iron III, Iron II, Iron I
  • Bronze IV, Bronze III, Bronze II, Bronze I
  • Silver IV, Silver III, Silver II, Silver I
  • Gold IV, Gold III, Gold II, Gold I
  • Platinum IV, Platinum III, Platinum II, Platinum I
  • Diamond IV, Diamond III, Diamond II, Diamond I
  • Master I
  • Grandmaster I
  • Challenger I

As you can see, there are no IVs to I in Master or higher, that is considered as High Elo (which starts in Diamond I), every elo is different from each other, with their own players, their own mechanics and their own strategies. For example, Iron has 6,5% players on it, meanwhile the next league, bronze, has around 23%, the difference is huge, right? That’s because Iron is a special place. Same, but in a different measure, happens from Diamond to Challenger. Diamond has around 1,9% of the total players and Challenger only 0,015%. This can sound crazy, but makes sense, it directly explains how different the ranks are, how their players disagree in mechanics and strategies and how good they are. Also, Challenger can only have 300 in the biggest servers (KR, NA and EUW) meanwhile in the smallest one can only have 200 to 100 challengers. The rank distribution help us to understand how this works.

Boosters should only be Master or higher players, that means only the 0.65% of players are allowed to carry in every elo, that’s a small amount, but that’s how it should be. There are, for example, many smurfs from diamond, or one trick ponies who are directly tilted with their rankeds, but in boosting, for example, only a few are hired for websites.

Even when we are not mentioning it, we can image that the differences can be higher than we thought, only taking a look to rank distribution.

And to make sure someone is good enough to carry in every elo, he has to be high elo, that’s why boosting websites only hire master players or higher. To make a huge difference in every game, they need to be at that small percentage of those who beat everyone else in the game. Specially, challengers, top 100 challengers will always be able to carry in every elo, of course, there are games that will not be winnable, but they will have 80% win rate, 90% win rate, and, in some cases, even 95% or 100%. If you are annoying of keep failing promos, try to find a good elo boosting site to make it happen.

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