Elo Boosting benefits

Let’s answer a few questions about this, many people think elo boosting is not good for them, but the true is, there is a whole market and can help you to avoid bad days, to climb elos, to win, more games. To avoid trolls. To learn. There are many options, saving time is one of the best ones and is a very important one in perspective.

Why elo boost a great tool for saving time?

The answer is simple. Just image it this way, you have to work, for around 8 hours, or more if you want some extra payment. You have to travel, sleep, eat and go to the restroom a few times. We are not considering traffic or travel distance between your house or your job, assuming that it is near. Then you arrive to your house, want to play a few rankeds, find 2 trolls in 2 games and then you want to go to sleep because the day was rough, and the next day will be even more rough and so on. You keep trying to play day by day but only can play 1 or 2, this, is when elo boosting arrives and helps you with it. A booster playing in your account to climb the elo you know you should be able to get if you didn’t have to work for around 10 hours, losing, almost, the whole day on it.

When you purchased the boost, you were Silver 4. When you came back you were Silver 3. In just a day, the next day you’ll be Silver 2, and the next one Silver 1. The next one Gold 4, the division you wanted and you knew you could get by your own, but, unfortunately, you don’t have time to do it. You didn’t want to lose the Victorious Skin you had last season and you wanted to have once again, to show greatness. Thanks to boosting you are able to show it again, because you get the division, that’s amazing!

Can I improve with boosting too?

Actually, yes. Playing with better players makes everything a bit different, if you were Gold 4 and, then, you hit Gold 4 for boosting, but you still don’t have time to play, you can buy for higher divisions. That day that you have more time, you can also buy a Duo boost. to test yourself and watch in real time how a professional booster plays. Learning from him or her. Everything is possible, and you can also improve with boosting, for the mentioned reasons, also, you can earn your friends respect. You’ve been climbing when you barely can play, something some people can’t achieve. Doesn’t matter if it is with boosting or not, you are higher than before, and can get better from that.

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