How to hard carry playing duo bot lane?

Bot lane, after the jungle, is the (double) role with more impact on the game, because it is not 1, there are 2 players in there, the ADC, or in this season, APC, tank, bruiser or whatever it fits and support. The support is usually the one who wins the lane but the ADC is the one who deals damage right after the lane phase ends, but even with that, the support is the one who usually makes plays; playing with an autofilled ADC is actually horrible, they don’t usually know what to do or how to kite, or even, how to creep, totally a mess.

There is a lowkey solution for this and an excellent solution also, which are: Find a duo in your elo, a friend, or anyone you believe is at your level to play, if you are main support, for example, it is much profitable than playing with a random player, that can be good, or can be bad, probably bad, because random players in Solo Q are usually xXxNidalee_ADCXxX players. Those who are always 0/5/1 at the lane phase ending.

Yes, that sounds as a simple solution, and it actually is, but it is not a solution, not at all at least, because if you both are good in your elo, probably not in higher elos, which means you will start losing in a specific point, so here is where the most profitable solution comes: find a high elo player to play with you, a challenger, a booster. This is known as Duo boost which is basically what I mentioned before, someone from high elo playing with you, helping you to carry the games, learn and improve, it seems easy, and in this case, it is easy and the best option for many. Just image being frustrated due to bad teammates who can’t let you carry or play the game, because some of them are non-stop flamming or directly inting. An elo boost service can help you with that in no time, if you wish to play with a duo partner, then you’ll have, if you don’t have enough time to play, then you can give your account credentials to a professional boosting website and they will do the job for you, getting your desired rank, and still, you can learn from it, spectating the games or just asking the assigned booster.

It will be a solution for your bad teammates issues, remember you can play with an expert ADC or one of the best supports! Give it a try.

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