Dodge more games on Solo Queue!

Playing a game with a Cleanse Exh jungle Teemo is one of the most annoying and disappointing things can ever happen on League of Legends, because you are not only losing time, you are losing LP, and what if you dodge? If you dodge, quitting champ select, you’ll lose 3 LP. If that happen again, and now you have a smurf with 12% win rate in 40 games, surprise, you need to dodge again, this time not waiting 5 minutes but 30 minutes and losing 10 LP instead of 3, seems fair.

Dodge the Teemo but play with booster
We love those Teemo

There are plenty trolls out there who will always try to put you down for literally no reason, and unfortunately LoL ranked system punish you for avoiding games, even if they are a secure defeat, so what can we do to avoid this? Well, there are many options:

*Play the game and lose
*Play the game with a duo you trust in and probably lose
*Play the game with a high elo player, you can find some of them easily on boosting websites
*Dodge and pray you don’t get another player like that

Besides that, it’s almost impossible to avoid a troll, however, for everyone’s luck, if they check the OP.GG of people on the game, and find there’s someone winning every game with 13.00 KDA and 80% win rate, they will probably double think about trolling. How can we ensure having one of those players on the game? Simple, Elo boosting services. Boosters are not wizards, so they can’t avoid a 0/19/0 Nunu player, but they will try to win every game and most likely, will end the game before one of those Disco Nunu players dance.

The famous Disco Nunu

The service is not a cure for trolls, because they will sometimes happen, but they are a very useful tool for winning more games. Also, there are players that are not exactly trolls, however they are bad and only a player with huge mechanics and knowledge can win that game in particular. It’s better +18 LP than -3, -10 or even, -19.

Of course, it should not be gotten from anywhere, there are standards, politics, prestige, trust, affordability, etc., some nameable websites like this one offers quite options and 24/7 customer support, which is better than purchasing something from a player in your friend list you actually don’t know who is; but with references and recognition, you can know what website is good for buying that kind of service.

But boosting isn’t illegal?

Even when it is against Riot Games ToS, good websites always use VPN and special features like Offline mode to keep privacy and avoid getting account banned. If you don’t feel comfortable enough, there’s also a special option known as Duo Boost, where the booster will play with you instead of playing in your account, and that, is not against Riot Games ToS, so your account is safe.

The cure for trolls is there, you just need to give it a try!

Boosting helps to achieve Victory
Found the cure for trolls!

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