How to Climb and get better results on your placements at the Start of Season 11

With Season 11 up already since 8th of January, all players will be hyped to start their journey on League of legends season 11 and hit Summoners Rift in full force to get the best results in their placement games

Whether you decide to start the ranked grind on the first day of the season or maybe wait a couple days because as we know all the elo boost services will be hitting hard the Summoners rift on the first days now is the time where you should see what’s your best option and optimize them to get as many wins as you can on your placement games.

There are some points that you can take in consideration in order to get the best results as you can on the new season since a lot have changed.

1 – Try to select a small champion pool and use only your best champions and roles:

Using mostly your main champions and roles will raise the probability of you winning the games instead of playing with champions that you don’t know 100% that can make you lose games and in placements that’s something we really don’t want to happen, each win in placement games gives you always high lp that means a single win can almost get you a free division and you don’t want to risk that.

2 – Always play some normal games before you jump on rank to warm up.

It’s important to warm up before you play ranked games instead of going instantly for a ranked game, getting again used to csing and kiting in a normal game or practice mode will help you a lot for your first ranked game.

3 – Make sure that you know how the new items work and the best ones for your champions.

In this new season Riot have made a lot of changes with the shop, everything has changed and now you have Mythic and Legendary items, it’s important that you are familiar with all the new shop so you can start climbing the ranked ladder.

4 – Take breaks between your placement games even if you win.

Right after season starts, everyone will be looking to speed up their placement games to get their rank, during this time you will face super good players for sure that are probably elo boosting accounts so they can get higher rank than last season, take breaks between your games or you can face them or get the same players in games in a row.

These are just small tips so you can have the best results on your placements, that way you won’t have to waste time climbing at least to the same rank you were last season and if you get higher than before it’s always a plus of motivation.

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