Overwatch best heroes! (Opinion)

There are, of course, a lot of heroes on Overwatch, many can disagree with this small list, but as the title says, this is just an opinion, let’s get into it! What heroes are the best?

3. Soldier 76

This is probably a basic one and many will disagree, he’s basically a Call of Duty soldier and just that, which is in fact, true, like a Battlefield medic, but in part that is what is good about him, he can move faster than others to others positions and his bullets has “instant delivery”, it’s perfect for taking down Mercy and Pharah, besides, works perfectly with Baptiste ultimate and is good for taking down shields, not as good a Bastion, of course, but good enough!

2. Reinhardt

This is the best (and classic) tank on the game, not only for his powerful shield, but also for the fast regeneration of it, also he has a lot of damage with his abilities, they have very long range, that’s true, but if he manages to be in that range, the thing will change a lot. The engages he can do, the damage he can block and the crow control he can apply with his ultimate is more than enough to mark him as one of the best options, if you don’t know what to pick (also Orisa!)

1. Ana

Who needs a Widowmaker when you can have an Ana? It’s the same and much better! Less… fan service material, probably, but in game it’s much better. Just image a hero that can avoid enemies from healing, can make them sleep (shhh!) and can heal you from the far distance only with good aim. That sounds awesome, right? And don’t forget the Ultimate, where you do more damage and receive less, with Reinhardt, Genji and basically every hero that can do tons of damage it’s amazing in every way. Well, that’s Ana, the best hero on the whole Overwatch.

What do you think? Who do you think it’s the best hero or best heroes on Overwatch? Avoiding the meta, of course, just by their abilities and gameplay!

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