Is VALORANT better than CS:GO?

VALORANT is one of the newest games from Riot Games™, unlikely League of Legends, VALORANT is a shooter, it is very similar to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS:GO. So many players have been wondering, which one is better?

To answer the question, we first need to take a look at their differences, what makes VALORANT and Counter Strike different? A lot of things, but on gameplay, the main difference are the characters. VALORANT has specific characters with specific skills, there are also different kind of agents (characters), Duelist, Initiator, Sentinel and Controllers. CS:GO only has different kind of equipment, which can be great by a part, since if you want to go some specific stuffs, you can do it, not like in VALORANT where if they take the Agent you want to play you have to go something completely different.

Second but most important in my opinion, the lack of hackers. VALORANT has Riot Vanguard, when the game detects there is a hacker, it automatically ends, this is a point at 100% without a discussion for VALORANT compared to CS:GO, where the hackers are the daily bread and Valve seems to do nothing about it, well, they added a kind of premium account, which is, for many a kind of scam.

VALORANT has several updates, not like League of Legends, of course, but they are adding Agents, maps, adjusting maps, and of course, weapon and knife skins, they are awesome! But there are a few of them that are quite expensive. But they are worth it, specially if you kill the last enemy alive with one of them. A very cool animation goes through, like a black hole or astral chains.

Honestly, is not that simple to tell what game is better, but in terms of “modernity” and updates, VALORANT is way better in many aspects, of course we are not saying that CS:GO is a bad game, but Riot puts much more effort, at least at first sight on their game than Valve does.

The quality of the players is something we don’t have a real measurer for it, but in both there are a lot of bad players, smurfs, elo boosters, but in all ways the abilities gives more chances to win! For example, with Killjoy you can cover a whole side just with the turret and the alarm bot, isn’t that awesome?

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