What happened to Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 was announced a long ago, however, we haven’t got any news since then, is it delayed? Is it canceled? At least, Blizzard haven’t said anything related to that, but it should be on development still, because Echo was the last hero for Overwatch, and it will be the last for Overwatch 1 until Overwatch 2 arrives.

On the blizzcon we would probably have more updates, however, it was cancelled due to COVID-19. Blizzard decided to cancel it to stop the virus spread, it was a wise decision, however, talking about games, we are still waiting for any new that make us feel hyped for anything. Overwatch it’s feeling with lack of love, but at least, we know that it is because they are working on something much better. Actually, Overwatch players will have access to Overwatch 2 content, such as competitive play, heroes and maps, you don’t need to buy Overwatch 2 to keep playing. Also, it means a huge update is coming for Overwatch. Overwatch 2 will have a lot of content that will need to be updated on Overwatch 1, the biggest update ever?

La BlizzCon 2020 se cancela por el coronavirus; habrá una alternativa  digital - MeriStation

The good part of everything, is that there will be players that already know how the game works, just because they are good enough and have enough experience to figure out how the game works in a few minutes. Those players are professionals and OW boosters, people who have achieved the highest rank every single season without many efforts. If you want to learn about how this game will work and more or less how the meta will be, you can ask one of them, at least you can buy coaching from boosters or directly ask to play with them in sites that offers that kind of services, for example, duo tier boosting. This means that every service that worked for Overwatch will also work for Overwatch 2, in this case, the boosting is also in that category. You can make sure you’ll be as good and be in the same or even higher tier in Overwatch 2 as in the 1, in case you decide to buy the next game.

Hopefully it will be a great game, with a great design, new game modes and of course, new heroes, let’s hope it actually deserves the wait.

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